A totally hot chick with a slammin body; nice peach shaped ass, luscious looking tits, gorgeous hair, but her face is butt face ugly!
Justin: "Dude . . . check out that fine lookin hottie at the bar! That ass is slammin!"

Kevin: "That's DeAnne, she's a butterface, everythings nice but her face."
by The Anrkissed May 08, 2008
a chick with a hot body and an ugly face.
Look at that chick man. Ugh, what a butterface.
by bee-wiz April 17, 2008
a girl on which everything is good looking...except her face. Everything is pretty "butterface" (but her face)
"What do you think of that girl? She's a real butterface."
by Noree August 27, 2007
you like everything about the girl, like body, brains, personality, "but her" face.
She's cool but she's a butter face.
by chiic November 15, 2006
a girl that has a great body but an ugly face.
"everything's good, butterface!"
by Dan Lindsey May 16, 2006
a girl thats got a great body...every things hott BUT HER FACE
CHRIS:man, did u see that chick?
MIKE: yea shes a butterface dude!!
by lilmissapplebottom April 29, 2006
Where everything looks good but-her-face such as a girl with a nice butt and big boobs but a not great face.
"Dude she is ugly"
"Shes a butterface so I'd probably hook up with her"
by Rick Moranus March 14, 2009

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