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A name used to describe individuals with an appealing body but an unappealing face
Man that girl's body is smoking, too bad shes a butter face.
by MaD_PimP October 25, 2005
a woman who has a great body but her face lacks the level of attractiveness.
Dude are you kidding me she is a total butterface
by durhammahrud July 27, 2010
(BUT-HER-FACE) A terrible and frustrating condition, whereby a girl has the body of a goddess, but the face of troll. Often associated with Gemini Syndrome, this condition causes almost instant flaccidity in men with self respect.
1."Ooh she looks hot! Wait..wait, she turning around.....Shit!Mayday!Mayday! We've got a Butterface situation here!

2."Damn! Everything looks good BUT-HER-FACE!"
by cobblestone joe July 16, 2010
A term used for a female who has the body of Megan Fox but the face of Liza Minelli.
Damn. That chick's gotta bangin body. Butterface...
by Femme, February 02, 2010
everything about her is perfect but her face
shes got a smoking hot body and a great personality butterface ain't that great
by bigjonny99 December 07, 2009
Used to describe a girl with a hot body but a not so hot face. Every thing looks good but-ter-face (but-her-face).
Thart girl has a nice ass, but she's a butterface.
by Chuck Suck It September 17, 2009
Everything is attractive about a girl except her face.
Hey check out the butterface. She would be a 10, except for the face.
by Isaiah J September 04, 2008