A very attractive girl who you wanna fuck except you would need a paper bag to put over her face because only her body is hot.(basically everything is hot but.her.face)
Damn thats a butter face girl
by Sammy D December 16, 2005
when everything looks good... but her face.
"Hey shes fine." and as she gets closer "Butterface dude."
by Nate! October 07, 2003
(BUT-HER-FACE) A terrible and frustrating condition, whereby a girl has the body of a goddess, but the face of troll. Often associated with Gemini Syndrome, this condition causes almost instant flaccidity in men with self respect.
1."Ooh she looks hot! Wait..wait, she turning around.....Shit!Mayday!Mayday! We've got a Butterface situation here!

2."Damn! Everything looks good BUT-HER-FACE!"
by cobblestone joe July 16, 2010
Butter Face: A woman that has a way sexy body that at times, can compensate for a less attractive face.
Although being a butter face anne had a way bangin' sexy ass body and crrrrraved intimacy!

so, i pounded her relentlessly...

by dubbya c July 13, 2009
when a girl has a nice body but an ugly face
kelly has a nice body, butterface
by john_e September 14, 2005
everything on the girl is hottt but her face
i was drunk and i hooked up with a butter face.
by m.chapman April 28, 2003
Everything Looks Good on the girl, Butt-er-face.
That girl would be a "8", if it wasn't fo her Butterface
by Tod Disamor November 06, 2006
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