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n. A girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.
If J.Lo had her face torn apart by wild dogs, people would call her a butter face.
by Ryan November 11, 2002
11971 1999
Contraction for "but her face." It's a term for a woman who has a great body, but a face that ranges from less-than-pretty to downright fugly.
"Too bad Joan's a butterface, because if she had a face to match that body... oh baby.."
by Deejster November 13, 2005
59 27
Adj: a way to describe a female who has a nice body, but an very unattractive face.
Yo, did you see that Butterface down the block- everything looked good but-her-face!!!
by Moe Diggs May 21, 2008
55 28
A girl with a nice body but a butt ugly face that needs to be paper bagged if you were going to hit it.
That girl turned me down but she was a butter face anyways.
by viddy well August 29, 2005
52 26
A girl with an ugly face but good body.
The cheerleader is a butter face because her body was rockin but her face was hideous.
by paige -al November 26, 2006
37 12
A girl with a bangin' body but an ugly face.
Comes from the expression, "Her ass is hot, but her face..."
Lil' Wayne, I sure feel sorry for you, 'cause you're stuck with a butterface. I mean, her ass is huge, but her face is another story.
Trick Daddy, I also sympathise with you, 'cause that same butterface is on your label!
by Bizzy Biz February 02, 2006
40 15
A female, typically, who's face is the only non-attractive part about her body.
Jason-"Man, Hillary is fiiiine!"
Mike-"Yea, too bad she's a butterface."
Jason-"A whaaaa...?"
Mike-Butterface,everything's hot...BUT 'ER FACE!
by em0lee August 07, 2005
30 6
A woman Whos Body is nice but her face is nasty
Amanda Kane Is Definitely A Butter Face
by Someone July 28, 2004
48 25