A man or woman with disgusting, fat, floppy boobs.
I can't help that i'm over-weight

Hey fuckyou (butter tits), get out of my face!
by Kyle Biles August 07, 2007
Top Definition
When everything is good about a girl except her tits (but her tits) hence the buttertits.
Johnny: Dayum, that girl is fuckin hot!
Joe: No man, check it out, she's a major buttertits.
Johnny: Ah, shit man. She's got that smokin hiny, perfect face, too bad she's as flat as a piece of paper.
by gorillaguy987 May 26, 2009
N. Pointed, pale breast found on young males. Usually resembling a pre-pubescent girls tits.
Today in Gym I saw Lunch Box's little pink butter tits.
by Squirrel Newton August 01, 2006
What a girthy man is said to have when his breasts bear the physical properties of warm butter.
Holy fuckballs! Look at the buttertits on that motherfucker! HEY YOU NEED TO GET ON A TREADMILL AND MELT AWAY THOSE BUTTERTITS!!!
by TheJuan&Only July 29, 2010
1. adj. used to describe the shape and texture of ones tits. Almost always used to describe any fat girls cleavage.

2. The extreme sag of the titty area, as if it were made of butter.
"I heard Tessa has straight butter tits."
"Of course she does, she weighs about 403."

"That hooker has the lumpiest butter tits I've ever seen, I could barely get head from her."
by Dtron 3000 October 27, 2008
Used in reference almost exclusively to overweight persons, describing specifically ones "man boobies".

Fatty deposits in the pectoral region of males, most always with 20% or higher body fat content. Thus causing the look of two water balloons filled with butter. Usually found on the lazy "X-BOX playing indoor kids" that now make up more than a third of the United States Army's active duty personnel. Reports of butter tits are much higher in Reserve and National Guard Army units. In civilian populations butter tits have evolved into "meaty knee high socks". Butter tits are caused by a lack of physical exercise, a high calorie diet consisting of short order line food and POG bait, and generally not being a good person.

Word is commonly coupled with "thunder gut", "fatty cakes", "cupcake", "goofy looking faggot", and "chunk butt".
"Look at that fat fuck! You'd better start running butter tits!"
by Dirk Fontaine September 19, 2008

Refers to a girl who is fat and ugly; however, has really huge titties.

see butterface
Guy 1: that girl is so ugly, and to top it off, she's extremely fat.
Guy 2: Yeah, but her boobs are nice.
Guy 1: what a buttertit.
by forthelulzzz987654 April 19, 2010
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