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v., slang. To perform an action that is considered rude or asinine by the person to whom it is done. Such actions usually (but not exclusively) fall into three categories:

1) To clearly lie to, to bullshit.

2) To fuck with, screw with, harass.

3) To suck up to or kiss the ass of in an obvious, belligerent manner.
1) "Did you know that the word 'red' comes from the Indian word for 'blood'?" "I'm a linguist, you idiot. Don't butter my ass." 2) "You fucking suck at bocci." "Andrew, it's a friendly game of ball-throwing, there's no need to butter my ass." 3) "You are a god and I worship you." "I just MET you two minutes ago, so you can stop buttering my ass."
by Okzoz July 31, 2011
N.; a usu. negative or pejorative action. Used in several contexts, and in speech is usually used in verbial form, "Don't butter my ass!", "Quit buttering my ass!", "I'm not buttering your ass!", "He's buttering her ass.", and so forth.

The origin of the term "buttering of the ass" is not known, but over time has developed three distinct meanings, with decreasing prevalence:

1) excessive kissassery or sucking up, usu. as a way to gain some sort of special favor or attention

2) egregious bullshit and/or obvious lies

3) fucking with or screwing with
1) "I love you so much, babe; you're the most beautiful woman in the world." "We've been dating for two days; don't butter my ass." ; 2) "Did you know that the term "roofie" comes from the Iroquois word meaning "to sleep"?" "I'm a linguist and that is such bullshit, so don't butter my ass." ; 3) "I'm obviously better at bocce than you, you fucking idiot!" "Alright Andrew, it's a friendly game; there's no need to butter my ass."
by Lax1334 June 06, 2011
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