When you get major sweat built up in the crack of your ass on a hot day and it gets slippery.
Dude, I need some major ventilation to get rid of this butter butt.

I got through 15 holes of swealtering heat before the butter butt needed a wipedown.
by Erock April 19, 2004
Top Definition
What you say about a girl that means everything is good but her butt
You see that girl she's fine

Yeah but she aint got no booty.....she's a butter butt

What's that mean?

Everythings good but her butt
by breakdancer September 03, 2004
The Butterbutt, or, more properly, the Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata) is one of the most common warblers in North America. In summers, males have streaked backs of black on slate blue, white wing patches, a streaked breast, and conspicuous yellow patches on the crown, flank, and rump.
I saw a butterbutt flitting around in the tree outside my window
by birdnerd231 March 05, 2010
Although it may be used to describe an unattractive butt, it can also describe an extremely attractive butt.
Dan: Holy shit Bob, that babe has a total butter butt!
Bob: Yup, if ya put butter on dat, it would melt in no time!
by CrazyDan692 April 27, 2008
Similar to butterface, used to describe a girl/woman who appears atractive from the front, but not so much from behind.
Damn, that chick by the bar is pretty hot, butter butt is HUGE!!!!!
by billyv May 04, 2007
To slather some butter onto a persons gluteus maximus. This usually occurs if a person runs out of lubricant. (Do not attempt in your household or anywhere for that matter)
"Babe! Where's the lube!"
"I can't find it!"
"Fine then just get the butter butterbutt;)"
by ITBEYOMAMA February 18, 2014
a woman who is very attractive, except she has a large or unattractive butt.
Oh man, that chick is so hot. Oh wait, nevermind, she's a butterbutt.

Man, she looks hot... but her BUTT.
by Alex September 28, 2004
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