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A beautiful girl with a voluptuous body, meaning full breasts, thick thighs, and smallish waist. A girl with the body of a woman. Butter bellied chicks are tone but they have soft stomachs like a pillow, not bony or fat. It's an old term for a thick girl.
She has it all; the big breasts, the thick ass, the shapely thighs and a nice soft butter belly to complete the perfect woman.
by Akarealnegro November 16, 2014
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When a girl is hot but her belly is fat.
Damn, this chick would be super hot if her belly wasn't so nasty. What a butterbelly dude.
by Nate100% September 22, 2014
When a persons stomach fat can be molded like butter
i just made a shape in your butter belly.
by KMase December 03, 2013

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