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another word used for baby, boo, or wifey / hubby
He call me bae and i call him butta
by Re'mona July 05, 2007
46 60
Tastes good on toast. However it is a lapse in thought during conversation
I like bread and butta. Or, Me and Tim were doing something, and butta, it was all cool. Ya know?
by aaronbelleveau October 08, 2008
17 35
something that is very nice, very pleasing
Lisa sex was the best i ever had, that girl had some butta between her legs.
by ohsined April 15, 2006
22 48
V., to ejaculate, or finish
I had to butta your mom's hair and she had to use a whole bottle of shampoo to get it out.
by Banana Hands January 28, 2003
15 47