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When you do not want anyone to know you farted.
"Hey Joe did you just fart?"
"No man, my ass has a cold and just butt coughed"!
by Rasty67 January 27, 2013
a.k.a fart
baldur: 'quit butt-coughing, it makes me horny.'

jeremiah: 'sorry, i had asparagus last night and i can't stop butt-coughing.'
by asianhoochie February 22, 2010
When you're standing over a putt and are unable to hold a fart in. Much like an uncontrollable cough.
As Joe Witterall stood over the 3-footer to win the Penn-York league golf championship, he was unable to hold in his butt cough, causing him to lip out the putt.
by The Definition Maestro February 11, 2010