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a.k.a fart
baldur: 'quit butt-coughing, it makes me horny.'

jeremiah: 'sorry, i had asparagus last night and i can't stop butt-coughing.'
by asianhoochie February 22, 2010
When you're standing over a putt and are unable to hold a fart in. Much like an uncontrollable cough.
As Joe Witterall stood over the 3-footer to win the Penn-York league golf championship, he was unable to hold in his butt cough, causing him to lip out the putt.
by The Definition Maestro February 11, 2010
When you do not want anyone to know you farted.
"Hey Joe did you just fart?"
"No man, my ass has a cold and just butt coughed"!
by Rasty67 January 27, 2013