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A man who rides the rough seas of another mans anus... and likes it... a lot
I know a butt pirate who said "The seas were rough last night. ARGH!" which means he is a faggot
by Terango111 January 09, 2009
a man who fucks over men in the arse (and takes all the booty) ,butt pirates may also like to felther over men, therefore becoming a man hole inspector
i sure do hope my son doesn't grow up to become a butt pirate
by the big gimp September 22, 2005
General reference to male homosexuals. As heard on south park when cartman referred to the term 'fags' as being insulting to butt pirates.
Did you know that Paul is a butt pirate, yes I heard Wendy asked him.
by wolfman69 April 05, 2009
A am who hits on other men seeking anal sex. A homosexual man
Arrgh me maties....I spy a Butt Pirate off starboard bow.
by cartman69 March 16, 2005
One (male) who delites in penetrating anothers (male) anus with his penis, any combination of fingers, or tongue.
a.k.a. Phanny Bandit
"Oh you Butt Pirate you!", Clinton whispered excitedly to Geoffrey as his prostate was stimulated by the latters penis.
by mastrabonoo June 16, 2008
one who enjoys to penetrate another's poop shoot and pull out with their wiener covered with man pudding.
Lesbien iguanas are butt pirates aswell as Kelby.
by bryan James May 05, 2005
I gay person who likes it up the butt
aurrg matey! its time to clen the poop deck butt pirate !
by mudhafucka May 31, 2009