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Term used to describe gay men
watch yourself.. he's a a real butt pirate.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
A man or boy who loves another man's butt, and wants to 'get in that.'
Chris is a butt pirate!
by abigail March 23, 2005
Men who sail the seas in a buttship searching for lands of carelessness and homosexuality. When not on a buttisland, they spend their time on their buttship, drifting to sea, fucking each other in the arses.
Here come the Buttpirates again, here to raid our anal cavities.
by bastardized bottomburp May 25, 2003
A man who rides the rough seas of another mans anus... and likes it... a lot
I know a butt pirate who said "The seas were rough last night. ARGH!" which means he is a faggot
by Terango111 January 09, 2009
One who raids and plunders one's rectum/colon/anus.
Alex is a Butt Pirate.
by Eura Phagg November 18, 2006
a man who fucks over men in the arse (and takes all the booty) ,butt pirates may also like to felther over men, therefore becoming a man hole inspector
i sure do hope my son doesn't grow up to become a butt pirate
by the big gimp September 22, 2005
A man raping another man in the ass. To do this in a cavalier way. To shout "Yo Ho Ho" as you fill the persons ass with your man meat.
John is a real butt pirate. He took many ass that night and never once asked to be invited in.
by ed jude February 15, 2005