An abdominal abnormality in which a fat persons stomach ressembles a butt.
"Oh My God! His gut is so fat it looks like a butt! A BUTT GUT!"
by LargerCharger1 November 09, 2009
Top Definition
The dollop of back fat that hangs over the back of a pair of low-riding jeans worn by a large girl.
Damn, our waitress has a front butt and a butt gut. Let's order some queso.
by Green Onions March 02, 2006
Term used to describe having anal sex. Butt sex Anal sex Anal Back door sex Ass fucking Butt fucking
I got up in her butt gut. Also see booty pudding
by Jerry Charming November 24, 2014
The lower intestine and anus. Similar to what a pink sock consists of.
I blasted her in the ass and dropped out her Butt Guts
by Jeremy Wysong of HEAR, HEAR! April 15, 2009

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