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The insertion of the male wee-wah into another males booty.
Therwhanger loves to play butt darts with his male friends, alone.
by CaseyS September 21, 2005
a gay man's penis
Get you buttdart outta my ass
by MAtt May 25, 2003
When you plunge into your partners backside from distance. Pulling your johnson all the way out, and ramming it home over, and over.
I hit the bullseye with 5 butt darts, then i missed bullseye on 6th shot
by jrd699 March 21, 2013
a gay person
Eric please stop playing buttdarts with sean.
by nik & aaron January 18, 2003
A game played in the detroit area popularized by a high school varsity baseball team. where you stick you vroom vroom in someones zoom zoom.
matt: "wheres alex and steve?"
anthony: "man they are probably playin butt darts"
by matt russian July 25, 2006
a person, dayna dukett, who takes his penis out and thrusts it towards an anus.
Dayna Dukett lets his boyfriend play butt darts on his ass all night long. And he likes it.
by JOE November 18, 2003
a game played in the fudge-packing business.
That ass fucker plays butt darts with little boys.
by chode sniffer August 05, 2003
A faggot. (See faggots)
Stop the buttdarting over there you fags.
by Nitemare January 18, 2003