Cleavage between the glutei maximi; the Anal Valley
With the new navel-revealing fashions, teeny boppers have to wax their butt-cracks as well as their bushes
by cornholio October 06, 2003
Top Definition
The crack between your butt cheeks
Joe spread his butt crack for his boyfriend David.
by SuperSonicX July 13, 2005
A descriptive adjective to be used if one's appearance or actions either resemble or call to mind the crevice between the cheeks of the ass.
Her smile looked like a buttcrack on it's side. OR... You are being such a buttcrack right now because you won't go out with me.
by Glutius Maximus April 18, 2005
Derogatory nick name for barack hussein obama, aka barry soetoro and other names.
What outrageous thing buttcrack and pelosi do next?
by tai-mai-shu October 01, 2010
amphetamine that tastes of ass
Guy #1: Hey, where does this butt crack come from?
Guy #2: I had to hide it somewhere safe
Guy #1: Dude naw!
by Firetruck_abbrevated March 01, 2011
the crack between your buttcheeks, used in the song Fireman by Lil' Wayne: "i see that u be wearin them jeans that show your buttcrack!"
i see that u be wearin them jeans that show your buttcrack!
by Bonisha Clo April 23, 2006
V: to use your hands to open each side of your gluteus maximus to expose the rectum, then sit on an object while making sure that the rectum touches the desired object.
Rodney butt cracked Chris's pillow to get him back for that prank he pulled earlier.
by Richard Charles June 17, 2005

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