a total and complete moron
A friend does something stupid or dumb and you call them a buttcheese.
by Punk-N-Roll Monkey July 01, 2005
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The accumulation of feces, toilet paper, lint, and other detritus in the area between the buttocks. With time and mechanical action, assuming the appropriate binding elements are present, butt cheese takes a granular form which is known as dingleberries. Uncontrolled, butt cheese can progress beyond dingleberries to dinglebombs or in the vernacular "butt grapes"
"I need to go re-wipe, or my butt cheese will be a nice crop of dingleberries by supper"
by John Doyle February 25, 2005
the lint from your butt.
you know, that stuff, that you find at the back of your underpants, and it sort of looks like dust but you know it isn't, and you smell it, and it's kinda like cheese?
yeah, that's butt-cheese. Enjoy it.
by I <3 butt-cheese July 10, 2008
Buttcheese is the poop that is so creamy that when you wipe your butt it speads like hot butter.
The skid marks in my shorts was due to buttcheese.
by Bubbacheese October 26, 2005
Cheesy smell of Butt- likely caused by gas moisture. Typcial in summer, after hard physical labour or from generally bad hygiene... in summer. Smell Is strong and easily transferable (onto finger and underwear and through underwear onto trouser). Related to 'Honey Butt'
I need to wash these pants, they;re stinking of butt cheese.
by nick packer September 26, 2007
The pasty accumulation of farts in your underwear.
I gotta wipe the butt cheese from my crack before it makes a skid mark on my underwear.
by Uncle Stinky May 07, 2004
When so much shit accumulates in your ass crack that it forms a dairy product, also known as cheese.
It was clear who was the Dairy Queen. It was so hot and cheesey down there, he burnt his lip on the butt cheese
by lee September 01, 2004
It is the small amount of feces that is pushed out your anus when you stand up. This small amount of feces is not detectable by toilet paper when you are wipeing while sitting. This type of phenomenon typically happens when your shit is pastey.
After eating Thai food Dave typically had butt cheese that would make is ass itch like a Mu Fu during the day.
by CaptnK May 19, 2006

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