My civics teacher and his dog...
ughh, enough said...
by Emily Weaver May 08, 2005
guys that do not mind sticking their fingers in each others ass and do not care who see's.
Bob and Dave are definitely butt buddies, you can tell by the brownish color on the tips of there fingers.
by CaptnK May 12, 2006
Two people that love it in the ass, but are not boyfriend and girlfriend.
Amy and Matt are butt buddies, becuase amy loves taking loads from behind.
by GI Joe January 06, 2006
they are always together "buttbuddies" lesbians
darion and megan "butt buddy"
by holycowmonkeysock April 12, 2010
A person who when your going out with somebody else, you fuck, but you dont say your really going out with them.
Hey lets fuck butt buddy!!
by iloveyoulikewoa December 08, 2007
A padded pair of drawers/skiveys worn by insecure men with flat ass syndrome.
We all knew that Kenny was wearing a butt buddy. What's he gonna do if he picks up a number?
by MODNAR April 12, 2004
a gurl you don't go out with but you still fuck her in the ass.
Do you have a butt buddy?
by some polak October 25, 2004

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