Two people who just happen to have buttsex with one an another.
"Please be my buttbuddy?"
by Samm-ay January 09, 2007
people who love having sex up the butt or recieving it
hey look at matt, andre and micheal they are totally butt buddys!
by imthefagthatlovesass February 15, 2010
Another word for Bromance or something that describes a homosocial bond between guys.
"Hey Hector, where's your butt buddy?"
by E.L. Alderton November 29, 2011
Joke used from the TV show Southpark to indicate marriage between a man and another man.

"Carl and Sheen are butt buddies"
by ihatebunnys June 17, 2009
Two or more platonic people who spend time together like they are joined at the hip/inseparable. Like brothers from a different mother.
Lem and Jen while they are at work
by Biochem Dan May 26, 2005
Friends who share the same butt.
"dude, look. they share a butt. they must be butt buddies"
by whatdoesyourheartdesire February 28, 2015
A Gay/Homosexual Companion
Sarah- "Hey did you see those guys in that Best Buy yesterday?"

Mike- "Yeah, TOTAL Butt-Buddies"
by glavaun44 May 25, 2010

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