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A term to describe a woman's overall good looking combination of Butt + Tits. The woman generally has to have above par stats in both the butt and tits areas.
Damn, she's got some decent butt tits.
#butt #tits #ass #booty #boobs
by JacksoniteBlog August 01, 2011
A tumor like butt coming out of the side of your head and has two nipples coming out the top.
Marcus was in the hospital with a bad butt tit on his head.
#butt #tit #ass #boobs #titties #bootys
by Crick&Ivy! June 30, 2009
A term to describe a whiner, slacker or someone who generally lacks common sense. Or someone who has birth marks, zits or a tattoo on there behind which may resemble nipples.
Hey butt tits, why didn't you close the door behind you? Do you live in a doorless barn?
#dumb ass #bozo #clown #negative nelly #semi #asscne
by Billy Ray St. Jenkins III November 30, 2008
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