Sliding your hard-on up and down inside your (male or female) partner's butt crack, usually gently slapping your lower abdomin and hips against the butt cheeks as you 'surf'.

May involve slipping the tip of the cock into the anus you pass by it on each 'ride'. Butt surfing may, but not necessarily, cumulate in giving your partner a full on ass fucking. Use a condom if you do this.

Works best on a tight, rounded ass.

After a good day at a beach, Brad and I took a shower together. I whipped off his red speedos, lent him against the tiled wall and gave him a good butt surfing.
by Surf Bunny May 26, 2008
When your dog sits down and only uses its front paws to walk which causes it to scoot along the ground on its butt. Usually they do this on carpet, concrete, or any other abrasive surface, sometimes leaving a poo smear. Usually means its time to get their anal glands squeezed.
Reece is butt surfing again. Looks like its time to go to the vet!

My dog butt surfed on the white carpet and now there is a brown streak.
by Reece Griffin October 28, 2007

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