A person who enters the anal canal during a sexual encounter without his partners consent. Gives new meaning to the term "Booty".
Sally "Billy took it a little too far last night, he said it slipped but I don't believe him."

Susie "You know Sally, I always knew Billy was a Butt Pirate."
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010
All people that like to pleasure a man through the anus.

Other nick names include "fudge popcicle" "Fudge knocker" "Faggot" "Gold digger of shit" "Poo packer" and "slimy anus cum smasher"
I hear tom cruise is a total butt pirate
by brad, aka breezy, aka b-rad February 23, 2010
One who pillages for booty, and goes "argh"
Beth is a butt pirate.
by AlRigoberto December 27, 2006
A homosexual, one who engages in backdoor.
Yo you see those two froots kissing in the hot tub? What a bunch of butt pirates!
by Bong Joos November 27, 2003
someone who enjoys ravaging and raiding someones ass hole searching for lost treasure, or just for pure enjoyment.

-another definition is always brown nosing and sucking up
Samantha Gill is a Buttpirate
by mschmitty7717 March 25, 2011
one who leaves behind original friends for a couple days and/or weeks to hang out with one kid continulously as if he wants to bum fuck them.
"Wow haven't seen Shaun lately."

"He just became a Butt Pirate for Alex"

"Poor Shaun..."
by mahbawlsarebitchin August 19, 2008
A person who steals things from other peoples butts.
That fucking butt pirate stole $5 from my ass.
by svenj February 20, 2009

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