People who love butts.
She is such a butt pirate.
People who love booty.
Get that want that pirate booty.

butt pirates
by PineappleJuice February 24, 2015
Someone who is more than happy to drop anchor in poo bay.
Butt Pirate: Prepare ye anus
by itreb ekim September 07, 2014
Someone who goes full sail at the sight of booty. Can be used as straight or gay, depending on context.
Jimmy is such a butt pirate! He's always gazing onto football players.
by somedude149 May 27, 2014
A homosexual, A gay Man.
travis is a butt pirate with ryan.
by picmman September 12, 2008
A man who enjoys giving it up the ass to other men.
Wes Wright
by God April 19, 2004
One who likes to raid and or invade someones Butt (butt or ass hole) against their will in a barbarick and aggress way like pirates used to do to ships that were not theirs.
Adam is such a Butt Pirate because he likes to fuck steve in his ass.
by McKane January 15, 2015
2/3 cup of Four Loco and 1/3 cup of Rum. Tastes like ass mixed with rum. Thus, the butt pirate.
"Fuck, what should we call four loco mixed with rum?"

"Well four loco tastes like about butt pirate?"
by Dacon May 29, 2012

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