someone who finds themselves completely absorbed and facinated in anal sex
don't go to sleep, the butt pirate will raid your asshole with vasoline
by Amy & Ashley "Butt Pirate" November 19, 2003
An individual who prefers anal sex with another man - a phenomenon most men don't understand but which the Seinfeld crew has declared "not that there's any thing wrong with that".
That dude is obviously a a butt pirate - and it looks like the guy with him is too!
by MR Nipple June 17, 2014
Another word for a homosexual male, similar to ass bandit.
Grant has anal sex with men, therefore he is a butt pirate.
by Katy B. November 22, 2006
one who travels the sea, trying to steal your booty. an infultrator of ones shrimp boat; some one that likes it in the ass.
Ryan the hammer is constantly sailing the wavy ocean, trying to steal our shrimp boats booty, that nigga, can eat his own ass. He is a huge butt pirate, possibly the Captian Hook of butt piratism.
by screwed up click June 15, 2006
1.Derogatory- A homosexual man

1. Elton John is a total butt pirate- ewwww

by February 25, 2006
An anal warrior who unnapologetically shoves his SEA MONSTER into the uncharted ocean of another CHEEBS ANUS.
"We kissed and then that Butt Pirate bent me over and chapped my @$$."
by Jamison Marquart November 01, 2004
A man who enjoys anal sex, akin to a Rump Raider or a Bum Ninja. This term is often associated with gay porn stars.
The butt pirate enjoyed giving the cabin boy the plank.
by T. J. May 23, 2003

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