One who raids the seas of ass-cheeze
Argh me matey, sure do love to swab the poop deck
by Brad November 05, 2003
A Matey Mister who, in the process of wearing The Eyepatch, plunders the treasures of other Matey Misters, whether his sword be drawn or not.
"It'th your turn to walk the gangplank," one Butt Pirate said to the other, whilst slobbing his knob.
by TonyHoagland October 21, 2003
Another term for a homosexual, or alternatively a similar reference to a person who would otherwise be deemed ghey
Joe- Dude he is such a buttpirate!
Phil - Yeah man he is totally ghey...
by Braydin February 10, 2003
In addition to the other definitions, the pirate is often named "Dicky Nicky" and is of Indian descent. His combination of wanting butt pleasures (in reference to Mooj from 40-Year-Old Virgin) and choosing unsuspecting victims makes him the scariest butt pirate of them all.
Why is that guy so obsessed with butt pleasures?

Because he's the BUTT PIRATE!
by annonymousfemaleoneaton June 19, 2010
One who engages in gay acts with other men. One who likes to pack the shit of another man. He often yells out arrrr when hes givin it his boyfriend Sonny. Also engages in butt pirate role playing games. Has a special little name too.
Rehmeyer really gave it to his boyfriend Vitale. He is the ultimate butt pirate.
by Drane September 23, 2007
one who lingers around the anal canal
arr matey, we butt pirates are in search of a place to bury our treasure, arr, arr.
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 15, 2002
Someone who plunders butts.
Don't drop the soap in the prison shower or you'll get your butt plundered by a butt pirate.
by zd18 February 14, 2009

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