A man who loves to raid another boys anal cavity. Such as Taylor and Max
Taylor and Max are butt pirates/bum ninjas
by Bryan davis April 28, 2005
A warrior of the night

Started as a fad in the late 1970s to terrorize those who had not yet expirenced the german Sausagefest it escaladted into a full blown culture storm centered in San Fransisco where acts of terror are preformed every night
dude, i just got owned by a Butt Pirate
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A girl that likes to strap on dildos and search for burried treasure inside of gay and or bi-sexual men
Any girl whose name is Aimee (2 e's), Seymoure, or Grace

For example,
Schlomo says "Oi Vey, Sarah Weinbergercohan, there's no treasure in there! Stop being such a Butt Pirate!"
#butt #gay #pirate #treasure #grace
by Schlomo Goldstein January 09, 2008
One who travels from island to island Plundering Booty
"Argh, Time to plunder me some booty!"
-butt pirate
by Zach B November 18, 2004
Two flamboyant men who enjoy anal sex.
Conor and Mai are my favorite butt pirates!
by FeFe March 16, 2005
They’re pirates of the buttholes. They fuck buttholes and store their treasure up there. So they can come and get it back. And they put an “X” on your forehead so they know where the treasure is at. If you go in their butthole, they’ll fuck your shit up. Butt pirates are really gay, because they like buttholes.
A butt pirate pushed my shit in and stored a gold coin up there
#bum ninja #turd-burglar #butt piracy #butt pillaging #butt rape
by The True Ass Pirate September 18, 2011
One who enjoys taking it up the butt.
Chris Twar is a butt pirate.
#but #butt #arrrr #pirate #chris
by Matt Loesch April 26, 2006
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