another name for K Y Jelly which is used during sexual intercourse (anal) usually by the female but as we all know alot of guys use the butt jelly as well
Husband: Honey I'm going to the store do you need anything while I'm out?

Wife: Yes, pick up a tube of butt jelly for tonight.

Husband: Ok will do.
#ky jelly #butt #butt jelly #jelly #ass gel
by yungbrv June 15, 2010
Top Definition
a gelatinous substance excreeted from the anus, particularly a dogs anal gland
(appearance of transclucent, solidified gravy)
"Dear god, is thAT BUTT JELLY?"
by anonymous March 18, 2005
The stuff I like to scrape off my anus with my fingernails and smell.
Mum: Hey what do you think you're doing?
Kid: Oh, don't worry mum, I'm not masturbating - only picking at my butt jelly.
#butt jam #butt grime #smelly butt #butt hair #butt lint
by weliketopartywithourbuttjelly September 01, 2010
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