Top Definition
a made up place far far away
May also be known as
(butt fuck knowhere)
Man I ain't goin there! That place is like all the way out in
"butt fuck idaho"
by me May 19, 2003
Another way of saying "Middle Of Nowhere", generally implying a negative tone, and the Idaho reference because the state is seen as boring. Often used if some one lives in a boring area or they got lost going somewhere.
Ex 1

Guy 1: Dude, where are you? You're late
Guy 2: I took and wrong turn and ended up in Buttfuck Idaho

Ex 2

Girl 1: So you got anyplans for the weekend?
Girl 2: No, I live in Buttfuck Idaho
by Dusty Bannister March 06, 2007
a.k.a. Butt Fuck Egypt
by BFE October 27, 2003
im from idaho and fuck you a wanksta...emimen whip up on yer bitch ass....
come to buttfuck idaho youll get butt fucked...........
by notta wangsta June 11, 2003
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