To tailgate so excessively that you almost repeatedly smack into the car in front of you.
Passenger: Hey watch it, you almost butt crunched that car!!
by bigballofyarn September 09, 2009
a person, object, or thing that is so extraordinary it will cause an involuntary clenching of the buttocks of those who interact with it.

verb trans.
to cause an involuntary clenching of the buttocks of another party or parties by being splendid or wonderful.

buttcrunchy adjective
buttcrunchingly adverb
1. Your mom's twenty-cheese casserole was such a buttcrunch! I didn't even know there were that many cheeses!

2. She looked so good in that tiny dress that she buttcrunched all of those old dudes over there.

3. The special effects in that movie were so buttcrunchingly sweet my brain went into sugar-shock.
by Luckydyke September 03, 2007

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