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when something/someone is fucking awesome
daaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn lets crack a SOL on this BUTES sats afts!!!!
by madonn October 23, 2005
14 8
A gorgeous woman,man,lover,car,friend,house.
Look at that woman over there, what a Bute.
Being pleasant to someone: Good morning Bute.
Take a liking to someone:Well hello Bute.
Hey son that car you have brought is a Bute.
by Paul Swindells. May 11, 2006
102 38
A Scouse term for a person who has acted in a sad of embarresing manor.
Ahh you F********G Bute
by Munkey_man October 20, 2006
71 39
BUTES (Pr. byootz) Used to describe something awesome that has just occured, or the awesome properties of an object or person. Contraction of "beautiful."
Bob: "Free pizza at the bar tonight? BUTES! I'm there..."

Girl: I just made you a huge pile of bacon.
Guy: BUTES! bacon rules!

Dude 1: "You ever seen anythin' like them thar?"
Dude 2: "Nah, thems is some high quality butes..."

IT Tech: "We got butes for connection speed now that the new server is up..."
by LoganPhyve March 31, 2008
5 3
A common insult, meaning an idiot or foul person. pronounced Beaut.
Fer fucks sake ye bute, hurry up!!
by Asa87 September 04, 2007
33 36
Type of a woman who borns to be different and unique, lives as different and suffers it, and dies with a cumulation of weird memories.
She was one Büte
by Butecik February 07, 2010
2 12