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when something/someone is fucking awesome
daaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn lets crack a SOL on this BUTES sats afts!!!!
by madonn October 23, 2005
A gorgeous woman,man,lover,car,friend,house.
Look at that woman over there, what a Bute.
Being pleasant to someone: Good morning Bute.
Take a liking to someone:Well hello Bute.
Hey son that car you have brought is a Bute.
by Paul Swindells. May 11, 2006
A Scouse term for a person who has acted in a sad of embarresing manor.
Ahh you F********G Bute
by Munkey_man October 20, 2006
BUTES (Pr. byootz) Used to describe something awesome that has just occured, or the awesome properties of an object or person. Contraction of "beautiful."
Bob: "Free pizza at the bar tonight? BUTES! I'm there..."

Girl: I just made you a huge pile of bacon.
Guy: BUTES! bacon rules!

Dude 1: "You ever seen anythin' like them thar?"
Dude 2: "Nah, thems is some high quality butes..."

IT Tech: "We got butes for connection speed now that the new server is up..."
by LoganPhyve March 31, 2008
A bute is a word used in English slang used to describe someone who is self-inflated and their general demeanour oozes how much if a knobhead they are.
Onto that Callum, he's a pure bute.
by Cnnaldo May 21, 2014
A common insult, meaning an idiot or foul person. pronounced Beaut.
Fer fucks sake ye bute, hurry up!!
by Asa87 September 04, 2007
Type of a woman who borns to be different and unique, lives as different and suffers it, and dies with a cumulation of weird memories.
She was one Büte
by Butecik February 07, 2010