A woman who puts out early and often- one who handles a lot of meat.
"Dude, that girl is totally checking me out"
"Naw, she's a butcher- she's handled more meat than Jack the Ripper"
by FireCrotch5 July 07, 2009
Top Definition
Cockney rhyming slang for look (butchers hook)
have a butchers at this for me
by Human Sacrifice November 05, 2003
In cockney rhyming slang, to "have a butcher's" means to have a look, from the rhyming slang "butcher's hook".
Let's have a buthcer's around the grounds then, shall we?
by Santi July 11, 2005
An adaptation of the cockney Rhyming Slang "Bucthers Hook" (to look) made by locals from the Isle of Wight, England. In this case it's been used to discribe petty persistent criminals or a crook, hence the Butchers bit (butchers hook - crook).Beleived to have started primarily in the West of the Island in the early 1980's. Then went on to pervade the island and some parts of the near mainland. Now it is used to describe any Kind of criminal activity from torching a car to burglary and shoplifting.
Oii nipper did you read about butchers in the paper. Been caught shopliftling again.
by Red Lion March 26, 2007
Rhyming slang - Butchers hook, meaning look
Here let's have a butchers at that! (notso commonly - 'Here let's have a butchers hook at that!)
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008
the ultimate female pimp. This is a woman who plays men like a deck of cards. She will love you and leave you and is proud to say so. She will not be knocked down with words like slut or whore usually by rigid people who don't understand the concept of women liking sex.... she is a butcher...and enjoys meat. Can also be used as a verb to butch meaning to get with a guy tonight
example 1 " what did you do last night?"

"i butchered some meat"

" oh holla girl you are the ultimate butcher"
by FrenchFrygirl October 31, 2009
A boy who has destroyed a large number of girls while having sex with them
I heard about that guy, he's a right Butcher
by EverybodyLovesChicken May 02, 2011
to slaughter a bird's pussy with too much hardcore sex, usually caused when the male uses excessive force during intercourse.
i butchered her good last night
if she's old enough to bleed she's old enough to butcher
by matbel February 02, 2008
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