to drink drive
Steve: might pull a butch tonight to get home

Andrew: Don't do that bro, we'll get a cab
by Kieran McMaster June 09, 2009
someone who is overly manly but not to an extreme extent. someone who constantly belches like it's their job. an insult or compliment.
"Bekah walks around burping like it's her job, and hey look over there! she's manly!"
"yeah their butch!
by ButchBekah April 07, 2009
A woman that loooks very manly.
Damn, Breanne looks pretty butch today!
by Cody Sommer March 21, 2006
A female who seems to have a very manly personality &&/or physique.

Danitza:"HAHAHA She's suchhh a butch."
by Breeface December 25, 2005
When a women plays the roll of a man in a gay relationship.
Is that a MAN oh no just a butch!!!
by Bre December 16, 2004
Butch does not connote a dom lesbian all it says about a woman is that she is a tomboy because maybe she grew up around boys and doesn't know how to be a girly girl
Ignoramus:Haley just beat Joshua in the beer drinking contest she's such a butch I bet that girl with her is her girlfriend
Sensible person:Uh no u cocksuckin neko that's her little cousin, my girlfriend
by I promised u nothin July 15, 2007
The thick / gel like sweat that Gentlemen get on and around their testicles on a particularly warm day or after exercise in tight fitting attire I.E. Cycling / running.
Hey Baz, that was a great ride, but bejesus I'm drowning in Butch here
by PeeJay77 April 26, 2007

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