A woman that can act like one of the guys and isn't a lesbian
Tania, it's a good thing you're a butch!
by xplanowestx February 07, 2013
Butch does not connote a dom lesbian all it says about a woman is that she is a tomboy because maybe she grew up around boys and doesn't know how to be a girly girl
Ignoramus:Haley just beat Joshua in the beer drinking contest she's such a butch I bet that girl with her is her girlfriend
Sensible person:Uh no u cocksuckin neko that's her little cousin, my girlfriend
by I promised u nothin July 15, 2007
When a women plays the roll of a man in a gay relationship.
Is that a MAN oh no just a butch!!!
by Bre December 16, 2004
The thick / gel like sweat that Gentlemen get on and around their testicles on a particularly warm day or after exercise in tight fitting attire I.E. Cycling / running.
Hey Baz, that was a great ride, but bejesus I'm drowning in Butch here
by PeeJay77 April 26, 2007
adjective "to be butch" discribes a powerful, well-built and hero-like man with a slightly gay touch!
"what ya fink of Silvester Stallone?"
"him with a mustache would be pretty butch tbh ;E"
by becksorzist November 28, 2007
a alcohalic man who unforinitly is a piece of shit and dosnt no it. no one likes him even his family he is a volgure asshole that no one will ever associate them self with. he is willing to work for alcohal adn drinks so much that they are shit facede 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will have beer in hand for the whole day. he will also treat anyone he meets like shit and thinks it ok
this guy what a butch
by clelticsforlive December 13, 2009
Someone with a permanant sneer and no ass. Thinks they can get all the guys with their pouty attitude problem. See Danielle
Butch glared at me when I walked by so I kissed the guy she liked and she was gone.
by Whitney April 12, 2004
A masculan woman who is hairy, also looks like a mountain man or redneck might have motherd a douchebag or white trash with a lesbian partner.
Man, Kevin Federline must have butch moms, only butch could give birth to that much douche.
by g-ratt November 27, 2005

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