A woman that can act like one of the guys and isn't a lesbian
Tania, it's a good thing you're a butch!
by xplanowestx February 07, 2013
A woman that loooks very manly.
Damn, Breanne looks pretty butch today!
by Cody Sommer March 21, 2006
A female who seems to have a very manly personality &&/or physique.

Danitza:"HAHAHA She's suchhh a butch."
by Breeface December 25, 2005
A slang term such as "That's cool" or "wicked sweet."
That's butch.

Pissing is so butch.

I was at my Clark Kent job the other day when I R. Kelly'ed on my woman and she gave me a Lewinsky. It was quite butch.
by bigmanlyscrotumjuice November 24, 2005
A male with a manly or military look.
Tom liked to go down to the bay and watch the fleet come in. All of the sailors looked so butch and were as horny as hell having been at sea six months.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
Butch does not connote a dom lesbian all it says about a woman is that she is a tomboy because maybe she grew up around boys and doesn't know how to be a girly girl
Ignoramus:Haley just beat Joshua in the beer drinking contest she's such a butch I bet that girl with her is her girlfriend
Sensible person:Uh no u cocksuckin neko that's her little cousin, my girlfriend
by I promised u nothin July 15, 2007
When a women plays the roll of a man in a gay relationship.
Is that a MAN oh no just a butch!!!
by Bre December 16, 2004
adjective "to be butch" discribes a powerful, well-built and hero-like man with a slightly gay touch!
"what ya fink of Silvester Stallone?"
"him with a mustache would be pretty butch tbh ;E"
by becksorzist November 28, 2007

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