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A woman that can act like one of the guys and isn't a lesbian
Tania, it's a good thing you're a butch!
by xplanowestx February 07, 2013
Spontaneous haircut resulting in a very short, manish style due to indiscriminate hacking of random chunks of what were once long, beautiful, flowing locks.
It's a blistering 100 degrees outside...your long beautiful goldilocks are drenched in putrid sweat, the back of your neck itches like a mother due to that rat's nest emanating from your scalp. This the last straw, the heat is so unbearable that you are possessed by a sudden urge to chop off all that hair...off to the arber's shop, quick, quick, quick: "Hack it! Hack it, I tell you!" as long, thick tufts fall to the ground. You walk outta there with a BUTCH ugly as hell, but the cool breeze on the back of your neck...AHHHHHH
by Danielle June 16, 2004
1) the dominant male in a homosexual relationship

2) Masculine, especially used to describe tough-playing females.
"He's the bitch and I'm the butch"

"Wow, your girlfriend sure is butch"
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
often referred to in the mainstream society, in the 19th century term; when a small section of males in Northern London used to anally punish their victims at the end of crimes.

The name was adopted to describe a type of crutch with which the victims used to fully recover.

The crutch was assembled to hold the anus gently, thus relieving the pain of a prolapse.
"Did you hear about David the other week? I hear he's in intensive care?"

"Yeah I hear he has to use one of those swanky 'Butches'."

"Gee, I wish I could try one of those out!"
by pearlmaester October 26, 2009
A word all chav girls use to hide the fact the boyfriend is fat and short. This is used to hide shame at the fact their boyfriend is something their friends would consider as ugly.
Chav: My boyfriends so butch
Normal person: By that you mean, fat and short?
Chav: (Nervously) Er! No mate, He's just so butch and hell spark you out!
Normal person: Shut up
by Themightytruth November 21, 2006
A slang term such as "That's cool" or "wicked sweet."
That's butch.

Pissing is so butch.

I was at my Clark Kent job the other day when I R. Kelly'ed on my woman and she gave me a Lewinsky. It was quite butch.
by bigmanlyscrotumjuice November 24, 2005
A male with a manly or military look.
Tom liked to go down to the bay and watch the fleet come in. All of the sailors looked so butch and were as horny as hell having been at sea six months.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
the ultimate next best thing, one is butch when they are smoking hot and excellent at everything they do. It can also be used to describe one's general feelings about an awesome experience as in a great night out. This word can also be used as a verb if you are talented enough.
(adj) Lyndsay that skirt is so hot, you're looking so butch right now....
(verb) I can't wait to butch the night up.
by ButchMasterK July 11, 2010