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A woman that can act like one of the guys and isn't a lesbian
Tania, it's a good thing you're a butch!
by xplanowestx February 07, 2013
A very manly women.
A woman with manly features.
Brett: Ew. She's so butch.
Holly: Just like you.
Ashley: Exactly.
by Holly. October 07, 2007
N. Mannish woman, lesbian (offensive).

Adj. Very masculine man or with masculine manners.
'Look at that butch! Must have left her truck nearby."
by Mauri_uy August 01, 2006
A woman that loooks very manly.
Damn, Breanne looks pretty butch today!
by Cody Sommer March 21, 2006
to drink drive
Steve: might pull a butch tonight to get home

Andrew: Don't do that bro, we'll get a cab
by Kieran McMaster June 09, 2009
someone who is overly manly but not to an extreme extent. someone who constantly belches like it's their job. an insult or compliment.
"Bekah walks around burping like it's her job, and hey look over there! she's manly!"
"yeah their butch!
by ButchBekah April 07, 2009
it means jump the queue.
stop butching! dude
by howarxd October 17, 2008
noun: a gay man who looks and acts overly masculine

adj.: the get up a gay man wears when he wants to appear masculine that usually incorporates laced up work boots, tight Levi's 501's, a tank top and a black leather jacket
1. Tod: I wanted to get plowed so I picked up this hot man at the circuit party last night.
Ted: Did he poke you?
Tod: Yes honey and he was sooo butch. I loved it.
Ted: Lucky you.

2. Ted: Look at HER! Who does she think she is in that get up?
Tod: Yeah! Who's she tryin' to fool? What a mess!
Ted: Is that supposed to look butch?
Tod: I don't know but he could plow my hole anytime.
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005