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The best way to annoy someone. Keep asking them the same question no matter what they say. When they rage, continue, then save the conversation for lulz.
Jason: yo do i have a bowlcut?
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: because everyone says that I do
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: i dunno, doesn't look like one to me
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: are you just going to keep saying that?
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: i foqn haet you____-
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: are you a faggot?
Jeff: but... why?
Jason: i'm gonna foqn raej.
Jeff: but... why?
Jeff: but... why?
by ipownthevvothovvon July 26, 2010
What you say after someone makes a ridiculous request or does something unfunny without apparent reason or motive.
Person A: Draw Fluttershy on the toilet
Person B: But why
by anonbrony August 06, 2011
What you ask your mother at least 5 times every single day...well at least before she slaps you.
Mom: Hurry up and eat your toast!

Me: But WHY?!
by Yellow Cat December 15, 2014
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