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To have wordanal sex. Synonononmizzims include buttsex and buhsechs
Guy: "How far would you go on a date?"
Girl: "I don't know, anything but sex?"
Guy: "Buttsex? HOOO-AAAH!"
by Hezus August 27, 2003
An improper, yet appealing response to "y halo thar". A literal meaning of butt sex.
Exobyte receives a lot of butsex.
by Sakura_RPG November 15, 2004
Reffering to when someone has done everything "but sex".
My prude girlfirend and I have done everything but sex.
also, known as anal.

The only way for gay guys to have fun, raunchy sex.
i fucked my bf up the ass last nite and blew my load inside him.
by CoRzA April 05, 2005
Fucking a she or a he through there shit hole
Alejandro gets fucked by his brother through the ass witch causes his choad to swellup.
by Gorge June 20, 2003

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