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A word used to delay the inevitable
by anonymous July 16, 2003
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Something said to imply the before sentance wasn't worth saying!
I love you but, sometimes you just kill me.
by Schlee September 27, 2003
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used as a greeting in parts of south wales(espescially beddau llantwit and ponty,it is meant to mean mate.
walking down a street.
freind, aquaintence,total stranger walks down the other side of street.
you:arite but!
freind, aquaintence,total stranger:ai!
both walk off
by matt March 27, 2005
75 42
the most hurtful word used to break a heart and just to destroy your being
i love you BUT i think we should see other people
by music_movie_girl January 31, 2009
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BUT or B.U.T:
Short for saying beauty, well in a broken but similar sounding way.
Pointing at a babe...What a B.U.T!
sounds like saying 'Bee you Tee' or beauty in a broken way.

Makes you spend more time saying the word 'beauty' telling people who much you appreciate BUT :D
by gtmx June 04, 2007
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The new over-used but not yet killed use of the original meaning of "but". Used to start short statements with the intention of emphasizing ones point on a particular topic.
Usually said very quickly so it sounds like a mumble, and is recipricated by another sentence beginning with "but", this goes on back and forth for quite a while un till someone decides to say "i know".

"But i am"
"But he is"
"But its not"
"But i cant"
"But they do"
"But i will"
"But we must"
"But i know"
"But you did"

Sam: "Dean is the hottest man in the world"
Sarah: "But he is"
Sam: "No, but he is"
Sarah: "But he is"
Sam: "I know"
by Wasken October 31, 2005
31 25
A word used to nullify all words preceding it in a sentence.
I don't want to be a problem but...
I'm not one to say things like this but...
I don't want to bother you but...
You know I love you but...
by (EAK) August 10, 2013
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