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a common English interjection used among younger adults in Orange County located in Southern California. "...fucking" is said as the first word of many or all conversations as is it part of the local dialect.
dude#1: "Fuckin, so you have no idea where your gotdam muthafuckin keys went?"
dude#2: "I think they were over here but fucking... shit... lets just fuckin walk for fucking change.
by KrispyKreemD October 14, 2008
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a conjunction, very funny when you point it out as they pause before continuing on with their sentance. usually used by someone who interjects the f-word or varients of the f-word into every sentance.
sarah: i was going to go to school today but...fucking -
rachael: really BUT FUCKING, that sounds like fun.
sarah: eew! gross! no i was too hung over to go. shut up kayce.
by KaceUm April 26, 2007
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A phrase commonly used when attempting to return to an original point in a conversation after going off into another story during one's narration of events.
So anyway we got the Indian warpaint on, but fucking, we were going to head over to Jordan's place.
by H-Town Survivor November 17, 2010
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This phrase is used before a sentance. It mostly is said by reflex. Also used to stall so someone can think of the sentance they were about to say
But fuckinggggg, what are you doin later?
by MrKrinkles May 13, 2010
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