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A statue of a head or head and chest. Also used to describe a woman's breasts.
Professor Jones keeps a bust of Julius Caesar in his office.

That girl is very busty, she's like a 34-DD!
by nickj6282 June 03, 2005
5 6
Technical term for the chest region (including the front, sides, and back).
"Damn her tits are HUGE! What's her bust measurement? ^.^ "
by Dave March 31, 2004
9 10
to do or perform an action greatly.
From all my friends I could bust the best tricks on the skateboard
by SOL-EKS September 09, 2003
8 9
What happens to you in the past tense once you've sold one too many caps to an undercover narc.
George got busted by the cops last week
by Snapdragon August 08, 2003
8 9
1) when something goes wrong;

2) when some gets in trouble
-dude, you didn't bring the beer?
-no, man

-will you please step out of the car sir?
-ok officer
(everyone in the car)-BUST!
by maryamiscool November 19, 2005
4 6
When someone gets in trouble or if something goes wrong.

-Damn, this party is straight edge.
Reply: dude, BUST

-Will jack come down to the office please...
Reply from the entire class: BUST!
by maryamiscool November 12, 2005
2 4
When a man ejactulates on a women's body or hair. This happens after a good hand job.
Damn dude, I busted on Aunt Hellen.
Damn, I busted one in her eye, it went splazzza
by WhoCaresWhoDisIz May 31, 2004
7 9