a girl who takes part in sexual acts with several different men at once, also the act of having said group sex, ie, gang bang or train.
My homies and I ran a busto on that girl yesterday.
#train #gang bang #orgy #group sex #bustoes
by Billy Arnezz April 12, 2007
When two guys take a girl up the hershey highway or vagina, and the mouth. Mad bustos is when three guys triple-punish a girl.
"Dude, after floor hockey let's run busto's on some girl in your Tiburon!"
by Ragingmackay August 31, 2005
Also referred to as "busdown."

noun: A woman who can be easily imagined as taking multiple dicks with a casual attitude.

verb: The act of you and your boys violating a woman's orifices at the same time, with a casual attitude and little fanfare.
Look at how she walks - she's a busto for real.

Yo, this bitch is silly. Let's run busto. I bet she'd be with it.
#gangbang #blowjob #sex #freak #slut
by Devil Dog 523 August 02, 2008
Serving two or dudes at the same time
Omg you wount belive this I got a bustö ran on me by two dude last night
#busto #train #three some #tag team #slut
by Heffy December 03, 2014
to be worse then a whore, getting trains ran on you, no self esteem, no self respect, ugly, fat, nasty bitch ass individual that will do anything with any guy just to seem like shes worthy.
you hear that train areil got ran on her? she a busto.
#whore #skank #slut #hoe #gross
by No thank youu March 07, 2009
1. A busted hoe

2. Ahoe that be lookin busted fucked up
I dont see why people always gettin head from that busto.
#busted hoe #crusty hoe #fucked up hoe #nasty hoe #dirty hoe
by Morgann July 07, 2006
once i hear that name i think of big boobies in spanish
those are some nice bustos
#letty #last #name #vicky #sucks
by the true stuff August 11, 2008
when a females breasts are to large for her shirt and are busting out
My Friends mom was wearing a tight shirt and her bustos were poppin out
#boobs #breasts #tits #women #female
by cody fern February 09, 2009
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