A female who gets personal satisfaction and/or vaginal stimulation from the male ejaculation on the vaginal wall.
"That girl I banged last night made me to cum inside her."
"Looks like you've found yourself a buster."
by Kelso028 March 10, 2010
Bad word for Nortenos and Nortenas, or Nortes. Sur13 usually use it to offend them. Busters dont follow the rules and like to talk shit. They think that Sur13 dont do nothing but we do. We fuck them up real bad.
Did you see Jose bust Sal's lip? That Buster had it coming, talking shit about us!!
by sur_girl13 December 01, 2009
An amazing guy. So talented and sweet. He is caring about others and a girls feelings. He is super cute (hot) and is smile will make your day a thousand times better. He is super smart, an overall hunk. He knows what to say, and can make a girl's heart skip beats. Just being in the room makes a girl so happy that she can dance the best she ever will.
Buster: Something wrong?
Girl 1: Oh.. its nothing...
Buster: No tell me, somethings wrong.
Girl 1: It's okay it's not even important to you
Buster: I care about your feelings, so tell me, i'm here for you


Buster: You were amazing tonight!
Girl 1: Only because you were there! I was SO HAPPY you came.
by iwillALWAYS.Love.Buster April 30, 2010
a person whose presence isn't approved or appreciated by the majority of a group. An unaccepted individual.
"Yo Dom, why'd you bring the buster here?"
"Because the buster kept me out of handcuffs! He didn't just run back to the fort!"
by Nerfdude3k December 15, 2005
A tool used to "bust" up marijuana, making it easier to roll and/or smoke.
"Hey man, lend me your buster. This 'dro is all clumped up."
by vickicat July 10, 2006
One who acts in a pejorative, disparaging, or obstructionist manner; one who acts difficult for no reason
Tony was being a buster by refusing to go along with everyone else to go get pizza.
by Johnny Driggs July 27, 2005
pn. (Buster the dog b. 1999-)
1) A black Scottish terrier which president George W. Bush often confused with the black briefcase containing the DEFCON 1 nuclear alert codes, due to delayed LSD syndrome, and carried onto the Marine 1 presidential helicopter under his arm.

2) One of only three presidential mascots not to be given a supreme court nomination during the Bush II Administration. (See Harriet Meyers.)

3) The only member of the first family to have a keen enough sense of smell to know to avoid Karl Rove. (See stench, pong, putrid.)

n. (buster.)
1) abbr. nut buster: an unpleasant and abrasive woman. A nutcracker. (See Martha Stewart, Rosanne, Margaret Thatcher.)
2) Any frustrating or unpleasant event.
3) A generic term for a man who’s name you do not know. (Syn. buddy, mac, pal.)
4) A freckle-faced young paper boy, often seen wearing a beanie, and riding a scooter.
"Will somebody please go over there and pry Buster off of Barbara's leg? This is embarrasing."

"Hey buster, you got any salted peanuts? Salted in the shell?"-Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear 1967)
by parisofpriam February 26, 2006

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