A bad ass mother fucker who will take no shit from nobody
That boy is about to have the buster knocked out of him
#knocked #boy #that #out #him
by Lad of the banter January 06, 2015
the circle with a red slash placed over an item that is to be busted.
no smoking, ghostbusters, your ass is busted or no buster poindexters allowed.
#buster #busted #ghost busters #no smoking #poindexter
by xpiderbite November 14, 2008
a term that means new gangster or unproven gangster. Referenced heavily in the game "San Andreas", as the member of CJ's gang orignally considered him a buster.
What you doin in the hood? You just a busta.
by AmazinA June 21, 2005
One of the coolest guys you will ever meet. He's funny, caring, and strong. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with a Buster because he always will have your back, no matter what.
Person 1: I really need a good friend right now

Buster: I'm here for you!

Person 2: Wow who is that super cool guy over there?
Person 3: I don't know but it must be a Buster
#coolest #friend #buster #bustamove #awesome
by coolcat2012 July 06, 2012
the white person version of busta
oh man johnny you are such a buster you scored a perfect 100 on that test!
#busta #buster #busting #faggot #asshole
by Richard gadourey July 10, 2008
A word that Surenos use in a disrespectful way against Nortenos. Buster- Beat Up Scraps To Earn Respect.
Euyy homes, that foo is a straight up buster.
#norteno #sureno #scrap #chap #norputo
by BabiieGurlx4 March 28, 2008
see "buster or busta"
Stan: Can I roll wit' you guys?
Dan: Hell no, buster!
by Ranmoth May 27, 2005
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