A faker. Same as "mark", or mark ass-punk ass buster trick mark.
Danny - You a straight buster
Gerardo - Fuck you mark!
by Massa G June 02, 2005
One of the coolest guys you will ever meet. He's funny, caring, and strong. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with a Buster because he always will have your back, no matter what.
Person 1: I really need a good friend right now

Buster: I'm here for you!

Person 2: Wow who is that super cool guy over there?
Person 3: I don't know but it must be a Buster
by coolcat2012 July 06, 2012
Another word for a Morkie dog (a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie). This former mutt but now wildly popular breed is typically found in the Pacific Northwest, and is known for its abilities to perform a variety of tricks. Can be used as both a proper noun, and a noun.
OMG! Look at Buster doing his millitary crawl... so cute!

Look at all those Buster's over there... they're so cute when they play together!
by laleph June 13, 2010
the white person version of busta
oh man johnny you are such a buster you scored a perfect 100 on that test!
by Richard gadourey July 10, 2008
see "buster or busta"
Stan: Can I roll wit' you guys?
Dan: Hell no, buster!
by Ranmoth May 27, 2005
awsome friend and athletic guy has many friends and followers including most chicks. slang for awsome.
hey he is such a buster!
i know right!
by abfvnfgvchjtgugvnjgbcmbrhfgcur October 14, 2011
A female who gets personal satisfaction and/or vaginal stimulation from the male ejaculation on the vaginal wall.
"That girl I banged last night made me to cum inside her."
"Looks like you've found yourself a buster."
by Kelso028 March 10, 2010

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