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the 1920's equivalent of cunt
1920's man A: Hey Buster!
1920's man B: Thems is fightin' words!
*the men fight in an old fashion
by thisismeandnotyou96 August 12, 2011
2 5
Another word for a police officer.When individuals would ghost ride their whip they would on rare occasions get caught by the police. Hence the word "Ghostbuster" or just "buster".
Ghost Rider #1: "Yo son why don't we ghost ride behind that abandoned Ames store?
Ghost Rider #2: "Nah dude. There's always a Buster that rolls through there."
by Thecaptain177 January 11, 2009
27 30
the circle with a red slash placed over an item that is to be busted.
no smoking, ghostbusters, your ass is busted or no buster poindexters allowed.
by xpiderbite November 14, 2008
5 8
A faker. Same as "mark", or mark ass-punk ass buster trick mark.
Danny - You a straight buster
Gerardo - Fuck you mark!
by Massa G June 02, 2005
10 13
Another word for a Morkie dog (a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie). This former mutt but now wildly popular breed is typically found in the Pacific Northwest, and is known for its abilities to perform a variety of tricks. Can be used as both a proper noun, and a noun.
OMG! Look at Buster doing his millitary crawl... so cute!

Look at all those Buster's over there... they're so cute when they play together!
by laleph June 13, 2010
3 7
The red circle with the diagonal line through it indicating that something is prohibited. Named after the Ghostbusters logo.
Throw a buster over a picture of a ghost, and we have ourselves a logo, gentlemen.
by Nyahhh November 17, 2008
3 7
a term that means new gangster or unproven gangster. Referenced heavily in the game "San Andreas", as the member of CJ's gang orignally considered him a buster.
What you doin in the hood? You just a busta.
by AmazinA June 21, 2005
4 10