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the 1920's equivalent of cunt
1920's man A: Hey Buster!
1920's man B: Thems is fightin' words!
*the men fight in an old fashion
by thisismeandnotyou96 August 12, 2011
Another word for a police officer.When individuals would ghost ride their whip they would on rare occasions get caught by the police. Hence the word "Ghostbuster" or just "buster".
Ghost Rider #1: "Yo son why don't we ghost ride behind that abandoned Ames store?
Ghost Rider #2: "Nah dude. There's always a Buster that rolls through there."
by Thecaptain177 January 11, 2009
the circle with a red slash placed over an item that is to be busted.
no smoking, ghostbusters, your ass is busted or no buster poindexters allowed.
by xpiderbite November 14, 2008
A faker. Same as "mark", or mark ass-punk ass buster trick mark.
Danny - You a straight buster
Gerardo - Fuck you mark!
by Massa G June 02, 2005
Another word for a Morkie dog (a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie). This former mutt but now wildly popular breed is typically found in the Pacific Northwest, and is known for its abilities to perform a variety of tricks. Can be used as both a proper noun, and a noun.
OMG! Look at Buster doing his millitary crawl... so cute!

Look at all those Buster's over there... they're so cute when they play together!
by laleph June 13, 2010
The red circle with the diagonal line through it indicating that something is prohibited. Named after the Ghostbusters logo.
Throw a buster over a picture of a ghost, and we have ourselves a logo, gentlemen.
by Nyahhh November 17, 2008
a term that means new gangster or unproven gangster. Referenced heavily in the game "San Andreas", as the member of CJ's gang orignally considered him a buster.
What you doin in the hood? You just a busta.
by AmazinA June 21, 2005