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A poor, innocent crash-test dummy. He has done not a thing to deserve the torment regularly inflicted upon him by Adam and Jamie, those cruel bastards, on the TV show Mythbusters.
Buster is a true American hero.
by dr May 16, 2005
144 123
Acting like a punk bitch
hey do you wanna hang with nathan cylar?

no he is a little bitch ass buster
by TheOhioJuicer August 15, 2011
31 18
A common name for a dog.
Guy - I named my new dog Buster.
Guy2 - Thats my dog's name.
by killerlady February 17, 2010
18 12
a person who just cant hang or is shady
what a ........BUSTER!!!!!!!!
by slater5thgrade December 14, 2009
10 7
Synonym to Scrub. One who accomplishes little in life and gets by by mooching off of his/her partner. Typically does not perform any of the typical duties associated with housewife. Often unfaithful, scamming one partner to treat another. Game style somewhere between house of cards and pyramid scheme. Generally not even all that, let alone the bag of chips special.
"A Scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly
Also known as a Buster
Always talkin about what he wants
But just sits on his broke ass." - TLC
by WorldAccordingToTLC November 14, 2010
37 36
1: A condom broken during intercourse. "A 'buster'."

1: An unplanned child caused by a broken condom: "A 'buster'."

2: An epithet offensively suggesting a person is an unwanted person.

This is old usage - from the 1950's. like when i was born… hmmmm.
"Hey, buster, you wanna move your car?"

"Jenni and i got a buster last night."
by Dwight Atkinson March 15, 2009
11 10
A person who is not cool, a black way of saying loser.
BusterTrieste Milan Ward
by cj anderson August 25, 2008
5 4