A coward or a chicken...slang used mainly in gangs.
Perosn 1: Hey wey...what up?
Person 2: Not much. Bored as hell!
Person 1: Did you hear about lil' G?
Person 2: No...what?
Person 1: The OG said he was a buster and he got his ass beat last night!!
by Chi Ichigawa May 31, 2007
Acting like a punk bitch
hey do you wanna hang with nathan cylar?

no he is a little bitch ass buster
by TheOhioJuicer August 15, 2011
kids in there early teens who are too young to go clubbing, that hang around in the city at the arcades all day as if they have no home. they also believe that they are gangsters/thugs and dress accordingly with baggy clothing
man i went to the city yesterday, and there were so many busters
by gossipcraig June 13, 2008
a person who just cant hang or is shady
what a ........BUSTER!!!!!!!!
by slater5thgrade December 14, 2009
A person who is not cool, a black way of saying loser.
BusterTrieste Milan Ward
by cj anderson August 25, 2008
A common name for a dog.
Guy - I named my new dog Buster.
Guy2 - Thats my dog's name.
by killerlady February 17, 2010
1: A condom broken during intercourse. "A 'buster'."

1: An unplanned child caused by a broken condom: "A 'buster'."

2: An epithet offensively suggesting a person is an unwanted person.

This is old usage - from the 1950's. like when i was born… hmmmm.
"Hey, buster, you wanna move your car?"

"Jenni and i got a buster last night."
by Dwight Atkinson March 15, 2009

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