A person that always has to ruin the fun out of everything. A kill-joy.
Are you down with the drive-by CJ? Man, quit being a busta!
by Shadow November 10, 2004
Top Definition
chump. sucker. uncool person.
"What are you hangin' wit this BUSTER for, man?"
by Reggie June 24, 2004
Ghetto usage:
One who destroys the moment, usually ending an enjoyable event causing negative results.

Also, some drug-related reference:
interupting an act which may be illegal, sometimes alerting the police or officials to it ('drug'-bust).
"he's a real bust, don't invite him next time!"
"hey, busta, can't you just let us 'roll one' wid' out spookin us, foh a change!?"
by luxuryluke May 02, 2005
Person who doesn't make good on their plans; who cancels at the last minute.
We've had these plans for three weeks, but Cindy canceled. She's a busta.
by jack January 14, 2005
Dj Statik, the king busta of bustas. total sucka for ril
A dj who has never scratched on any song he's ever produced
by info March 15, 2005
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