Buster Brown: to fuck a fat girl in the ass with ones shoe(buster brown being a shoe company,brown refering to an asshole)
Man that bitch is so fat, I wouldn't throw her the buster brown!
by d.j. jam master jizzy Jay August 06, 2007
Top Definition
A really goofy looking person who also has very poor social skills and is usually not wanted by a majority of a group
Yo mang why are we hanging out with this buster brown he's making us look bad
by Shawnix Fleury July 03, 2006
Just like saying "hey buster" or "hey man" implies a certain impatience with someone, or that you one takes offence to a particular comment.
"Hey Buster Brown, would you mind moving you car so i can get out?"
by Sophfisticuffs May 16, 2010
Trucker Speak for a UPS Driver or Truck. Primary because of their brown trucks.

How 'bout cha there Buster Brown, you got a copy?
by Vincent Rose April 28, 2007
When you kick someone in the ass and your big toe enters their anus.
You better shut up or I'm going to give you a Busterbrown!"
by GregW(GDub) December 21, 2006
A well-aged pair of white jockey shorts. see also tighty whiteys. So named for their defining characteristics of being busted in the front and brown in the back.
(A single-dad family, running late in the morning, trying to leave for school.)
"Dad, I need some undies!"
"Here's your goddam buster browns. And go brush your teeth. Goddamit."
by Ron N. Lowe July 12, 2008
To take a good old fashioned poop.
"Hey man I really need to Buster Brown, can I use your toilet?"
by Wyatty December 23, 2008
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