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N. Broken down, ragged, beat up, corny or ghetto (as referring to an object or article of clothing, most times a vehicle or sneakers)
"I have no idea why you would even bother putting a system in that busted-ass Tempo of yours. The shit is going to fall apart if you even try bumping a cd with some actual beats."
"Yo, what's with your busted-ass shoes? Them things are talkin to me! I'd recommend buying a new pair of sneaks REAL soon. Those things are about to give out any minute."

by Poke-a-loke January 06, 2009
when one lets loose the mother of all farts, one with velocity.
"he busted some serious ass, the fucking windows shook!"
by honeylamb November 15, 2004
a word used for an ass that got torn from constant anal fucking, the hole would be tripple its normal size & you can put your hand in the woman's ass & she'll ask you : is it in yet ?
Sandra got a busted ass she needs a light pole to feel it in
by Jimmy The Gent October 31, 2007
A women with a really ugly head or face
That women has a head or face like a busted ass
by Petalac May 04, 2010