A band who had possibly one catchy song called 'Year 3000' or something. Their biggest fans are girls who don't really have a clue about good music they're just caught out by their supposed good looks. It has been rumoured they don't even play their own guitars. Busted also spawned another band called McFly which I swear to god do exactly the same songs as Busted which isn't surprising since Busted write their songs and are their best mates. Anyway Busted could be appealing to some, but not people who like proper guitar music.

See crap
Also see McFly

The new Busted album is out on sale featuring even more strangely contorted faces on the cover! Buy Soon! Only 2.99 'cause it's shit!
by Craig December 30, 2004
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A way to describe a very ugly female, who can barely be described as female. A "busted" female is not even considered for Mercy Sex simply because they are so ugly.
Yo Jamal, I saw you with your chick at the movies, she so busted she couldn't even get a date with a convicted killer in jail for the past 50 years. Wanna go to KFC?
by PerfectEndingSS May 11, 2003
I told mah gurl that I was studyin last night but I went to the party, right? Man, she showed up and I got BUSTED doin her homegirl!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
Getting caught doing something "you shouldn't have been doing", either by the cops, parents, a significant other, etc.
I got busted by my boyfriend last night.. he rolled up to his best friend's house and found me in there.
by TFS July 24, 2005
past tense of jizzing.
I busted on that girls face.
by the man March 11, 2003
To be unatrractive, lame, or boring.
Yo, that party was busted so we bounced.

I would never date him, he was straight busted.

That movie was so busted I fell alseep.
by Studtaco February 24, 2003
1. broken, not correctly functioning, doesn't work.
2. caught by the cops
This radio is busted.
Don't speed or you'll get busted.
by 5'1"Racer December 27, 2005
Busted were one of the most popular British pop groups of the 2000s. Made up of three members (James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis), the band formed in 2001 after Bourne and Willis advertised in various magazines for a third member. In March 2002, the band signed to Universal Island and went on to release seven singles (four number ones) and two albums in the UK charts. Their sound is primarily pop, but with clear rock influences.

Although Busted have often been labelled a boyband because of their pop sound and their massive female fanbase, the fact they played their own instruments and wrote all their own songs proves that they truly broke the boyband mold. Two more popular claims were that a) they did not have a drummer and b) they claimed to be 'punk' or 'rock' - both of these statements are untrue.

The band announced at a press conference on January 14th 2005 that they were to split up, devastating millions of fans worldwide. Since their demise, Simpson has released material with his post-hardcore band, Fightstar, while Bourne has formed a new band Son of Dork, whose sound is similar to Busted and can be compared to many bands in the American pop punk scene. Willis plans to launch a solo career.
Busted were a great pop band who, contrary to popular belief among the 'real' music fans, could actually play their own instruments.
by Clazz November 22, 2005
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